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The Biggest Pandemic Lesson for the Cannabis Market

Jan 24, 2022 1:51:18 PM / by Robert Kenny posted in Packaging, Branding


brand or die


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Finding supplier Love

Nov 6, 2020 1:52:59 PM / by Robert Warren posted in Branding


Your supplier Is your Spouse

Find them....Court them... Manage their expectations.

TL;DR: much like finding the love of your life, finding your suppliers is a healthy balance of knowledge and experience. You may start out clumsy, but if you know how to calculate Total cost of ownership, you'll find a much happier long term connection.

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Cannabis Packaging and the 5 Brand Types

Oct 21, 2020 1:04:30 PM / by Robert Warren posted in Branding


You are not a unique butterfly.

(But that's a good thing)

TL;DR: Marketing researchers identify 5 brand types and give rules of thumb to follow when it comes to your design and packaging, so you can better communicate with designers and produce results. Are you massive, contrasting, natural, delicate or nondescript?

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