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The Whole Truth In a World of Vape Lies

Oct 9, 2020 5:25:39 PM / by Robert Warren

How your brand or business can fight vape misinformation

Keeping your customers informed is THE priority in a world of vape untruth.

TL;DR: The best way to end Vape misinformation is on your paperboard packaging, not through your ad spend and marketing.

At Royal Supply, we know intimately why you suffered those sleepless nights, fought for licensing, and inevitably started your successful extraction operation and brand. 


To bang dubstep and rip fat clouds out of the back of your F-150 while extolling the virtues of the vape nation. (We assume you have a bumper sticker as well.)


Judge Judy Vape


It’s an unfortunate truth in cannabis generally and vaping specifically, that misinformation is a major issue.


But what else can be expected for an industry that is simultaneously as young as ours and growing at such an aggressive rate? ( By some estimations a compounded annual growth rate of ~17% and even higher in some sub-sections of our industry.)


Cannabis Market Trend Infographic


With booming demand, every other month a new product hits the shelves, and with it comes some unforeseen controversy.


So what's coming next?

Whether it’s the Vitamin E Acetate saga, formaldehyde fears, or misinformation about childhood nicotine addiction via Juul, what the general public loves to baselessly agree upon, is that if you vape, you may as well be gargling Drano while punching your grandmother in the face.

We’re seeing what you see, and It’s not only a shame.

It’s a lie.

There is a fundamental disconnect, between the hours you spend running clean extractions, submitting to testing, maintaining licensing, and upgrading to the highest quality hardware, and what the average dispensary-goer is told about the industry.
Cannabis Extraction Facility

As a business owner and extractor, what can be done?

Lobby your Congressperson? Picket? Fire smoke signals into the air?


Smoke Signal


No, take control of your brand, take control of your message.

Remember what you read

The research is well known at this point (See HERE), while the digital era is upon us, the most valuable educational space you can operate on is your own packaging, and as far as vaporizer packaging is concerned, putting your custom cartridges into paperboard packaging (i.e. more physical space to articulate the quality of the brand) is the preferred method of learning amongst consumers.

printed catalogs inspire ideas

Don’t rely on the image of your brand on a 1g cartridge to sell, leverage the space on your paperboard to formally educate your customers on the truth of the industry and the truth of your hard work in creating top quality extractions.


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Robert Warren

Written by Robert Warren